London Concorde Project

Club Concorde International has secured a £40 million investment package from a British businessman. Proof of funding has been supplied to all interested parties.

The London project involves a Concorde being displayed on a purpose built platform, over the River Thames, next to the London Eye ( see image below ).

Conceptual photo of Concorde as viewed from South Bank

Concorde will be displayed on the top deck of the twin decked platform, the lower deck consisting of restaurants, bars, a memorabilia shop plus an aircrew presentation area. Champagne presentations will take place on board Concorde. Visitors will be able to access our platform via riverbank walkways and riverboat landing stages. One of the restaurants will offer Concorde style cuisine. We estimate that the London Concorde project will create around 160 full time jobs, the majority for young people.

For the past few years we have had positive feedback from most of the interested parties along the South Bank as well as numerous discussions and meetings with British Airways, relating to Concorde Alpha Fox at Filton and Concorde Alpha Bravo at Heathrow. Our team included a former British Airways Operations Director, two former senior Concorde Captains plus myself, a former Concorde charterer.

We are aware that British Airways always retain ownership of their Concordes so we have made a formal offer of several million Pounds Sterling for a 30 years lease on Alpha Bravo. Our offer was acknowledged in November 2014 and we await their decision. Our offer also includes us covering all interior and exterior restoration costs plus relocation to the South Bank.

Paul James
Club President and former Concorde charterer
Club Concorde International
The Concorde Captains Club