Captain Brian Walpole OBE FRAeS

Captain Brian Walpole OBE FRAeS, former Chief Concorde Pilot and General Manager of the British Airways Concorde fleet, has kindly agreed to join our team.

“Concorde is a very demanding animal and a hell of a slippery aeroplane. It has very, very different flying characteristics from normal aircraft. It has no flaps, no lift devices, no speed brakes ; different in-flight profiles and different attitudes at take-off and landing. Although you can fly the aeroplane at Mach 2 with one hand, Concorde pilots sit closer to the edge of their seats than any other civil pilots.

The aircraft has very complex systems which are subject to hiccups and when things go wrong at 1,350 miles an hour they go wrong extremely quickly. It’s a very busy flight deck. I have never seen a newspaper open on the flight deck, for example, and God help anybody who does open one.”