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updated 28 July 2015

Finally, we should mention that the success of our business plan was not limited to the £40 million funding of the London and Paris projects, as we have a further potential £120 million funding in reserve, from other UK and overseas investors who wish to become involved in further Concorde projects.

As such, we are in the process of compiling a new business plan based solely on a Return to Flight project. Since 26th November, 2003 this has been the dream of the global Concorde fraternity. We toyed with the idea years ago but quickly realised that the only way sufficient finance would be forthcoming was by proving to potential investors that we as a group could create a less ambitious but commercially viable Concorde project, hence the London project, which so impressed our investor that he immediately decided to offer the additional funding for a similar project over the Seine, in central Paris.

The fact that Paris entered the equation will help our Return To Flight project as two of the target Concordes are in France. Again, the plan would be to purchase one of the Concorde and operate her as a private, heritage aircraft under neutral livery. All restoration to flight costs would be borne by Club Concorde International who would also finance the construction of maintenance / display hangars at both the French and UK bases.

Should the RTF project require in excess of £120 million we are confident of securing the support of global corporate sponsors. The main obstacle to any Concorde project to date has been "Where's the money?" a question we heard ad nauseam, until we found an investor. Now that money is no longer the problem it's over to those who can help us make it happen, without financial risk to themselves. This is where the global Concorde fraternity must keep up the pressure, as time is running out!

Club Concorde International visit to McLaren F1 HQ at Woking, Surrey
From left to right: Capt Tony Yule (Senior Concorde Captain), John Chillingworth (Chief Engineer QE2), Paul James (Club President, former Concorde charterer), Louise Camby (Club Concorde PR), Capt Tony Meadows (Senior Concorde Captain), Alex McCuaig (Concorde platform designer), Chris Byron (BA Operations Director), Tony Heald (Club Secretary), Dave MacDonald (Concorde Flight Engineer), Capt Brian Walpole (Chief Concorde Pilot & General Manager of BA's Concorde Fleet), Peter Karn (Concorde brochure designer), Peter Borcherds (Club Website designer), Capt John Phillips (Senior Concorde Captain), Andy Palmer (McLaren General Manager) - not present in photo, but present on visit: Capt. Jock Lowe (Senior Concorde Captain). Photo by Adrian Meredith (Official Concorde Photographer)

Paul James
Club President and former Concorde charterer
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