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Club Concorde is a club for all things Concorde, run by ex-Captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde, working together to keep Concorde in people's hearts and minds.

Club Concorde works closely with the various museums around the UK and internationally where the many Concordes are resting.

Club Concorde is for people to join who are lovers of Concorde. We offer the opportunity for members to share their anecdotes and photos of Concorde whether or not they were lucky enough to experience supersonic travel.

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updated 28 July 2015

A Tale of Two Concordes

" It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness............it was the Spring of hope, it was the Winter of despair " A Tale of Two Cities ( 1859 ) Charles Dickens

Each member of our team involved in the projects below will have experienced a similar range of emotions as described above, by Charles Dickens. Our search for a Concorde for London has led us to Paris and the added possibility of a Return to Flight project.


Club Concorde International has secured a £40 million investment package from a British businessman. The £40 million funding will be divided between two Concorde display projects, in London and Paris. Proof of funding has been supplied to all interested parties.

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Finally, we should mention that the success of our business plan was not limited to the £40 million funding of the London and Paris projects, as we have a further potential £120 million funding in reserve, from other UK and overseas investors who wish to become involved in further Concorde projects.

As such, we are in the process of compiling a new business plan based solely on a Return to Flight project.

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Paul James
Club President and former Concorde charterer
Club Concorde International
The Concorde Captains Club

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