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Club Concorde is a club for all things Concorde, run by ex-Captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde, working together to keep Concorde in people's hearts and minds.

Club Concorde works closely with the various museums around the UK and internationally where the many Concordes are resting.

Club Concorde is for people to join who are lovers of Concorde. We offer the opportunity for members to share their anecdotes and photos of Concorde whether or not they were lucky enough to experience supersonic travel.

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Latest Concorde and Club Concorde News

updated 12 November 2014

In addition to our current team of Concorde Captains we are delighted to welcome Captain Brian Walpole, former Chief Concorde Pilot at British Airways, who plans to play a major role in securing the Concordes required for our London and Paris projects. Brian was also responsible for the marketing of BA's Concorde fleet and for the launch of the highly successful Concorde charters business, which resulted in over 1,200 charters generating additional revenue in excess of 100 million for British Airways.

As one of the first Concorde charterers I was lucky enough to witness the pure joy this experience brought to a wide range of the general public who, unlike businessmen and VIPs, paid for their own tickets for their trip of a lifetime. Trips around the Bay of Biscay, which lasted 90 minutes, including a Mach 2 experience, cost 340 in the early 1980's. Also, day trips to Cairo and the Pyramids, which lasted 12 hours, including six hours in Egypt, cost around 780 and included full Transatlantic breakfast on the outward leg and full Transatlantic dinner on the return leg.

The outward leg flew over the Alps to Venice, then we went supersonic trip down the Adriatic before turning left across the Med to Cairo. Concorde was not allowed to fly supersonic over land. The return leg flew across the Med then over Mont Blanc. Ground staff at Heathrow used to say that these charters were the only flights where all the passengers came off smiling. Happy Days.

Brian joins Chris Byron, former Operations Director for British Airways, who was also responsible for the development and launch of the London Eye project in 2000. Our team are currently in negotiations with British Airways and French museums over the restoration and relocation of Concordes, to central Paris and London's South Bank.

In addition to the pledge of 40 million from our preferred investor, we have serious interest from three other groups of investors, each willing to match this level of funding. This level of interest could lead to other Concorde projects, in the UK and further afield. Discussions are reaching their final stages and we anticipate making an important announcement in the coming months.


Anglo-French Concorde Projects

- including a Return to Flight viability report

Club Concorde proudly announce our involvement in two major Concorde projects, with a third in the pipeline.

• The London Concorde Project
Displaying a Concorde on a purpose built platform over the Thames and next to the London Eye.

• The Paris Concorde Project
Identical project as above, but over the Seine, in central Paris.

• The Return to Flight viability report
This would run parallel with the main projects and would involve a team of former Air France and British Airways Concorde Flight and Ground Engineers.

Click here to read more about these exciting projects and see images of the planned London exhibit.

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